Review: H20+ Marine Daily Hydrator (Oil-Free)

I was pretty unimpressed by H20+ eye makeup remover, but that doesn’t mean everything they make isn’t good.  I picked up this moisturizer at the same time (and store – TJ Maxx) as the eye makeup remover.  I’ve been looking for a good oil-free moisturizer that doesn’t cost a fortune like the Boscia one that I really like.

Not Bad:  This is a pretty good moisturizer.  It is oil-free, so if you have really dry skin, I don’t think it’s going to do much for you. It smells pretty neutral, which I prefer over heavily-scented or we-didn’t-even-try-to-make-it-smell-good.

Overall:  For $5, I’m happy with this moisturizer.  I use it regularly because I can wear it under makeup, which I really like.  The thing I like about it most is that it’s made in the USA.  As “isolationist” as this may sound, I like being able to support my country’s economy in whatever small ways I can.

Available at:  TJ Maxx (maybe),,, Ulta (not online, may be in stores)

Price:  $5 if you can find it at TJ Maxx, $8.99 + shipping at amazon, $22 at brand website.

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