Review: Too Faced “Lashlight” Mascara

I asked for this mascara as a gift and got it (yay!).  It was sold at Costco for a ridiculously affordable price (for a 2 pack.)  Too Faced is one of my favorite brands.  I think it may be (partially) that I love their beautiful packaging and witty name.  That’s not to say they don’t make great stuff…

Good Features: The brush is good at separating your lashes and the mascara coats well.  The container has a little mirror on the side, which I don’t need, but think is a handy feature.  The mascara is a nice, dark black, which is important to me.  It also “lengthens” lashes fairly well.

Odd But Kinda Cool: The wand has these built-in lights. Despite the name, I didn’t notice this feature until I went to look up the price for you online. (Guess I should read the packaging, huh!?!?) At any rate, they’re really bright and I can’t see how they’re not potentially-eyesight-damaging. I suppose if you have a badly-lit bathroom and no light-up mirror, the lights are very helpful and letting you see all your lashes. If you’re keeping it in your purse and you use that tiny mirror on the side, you might also need a little extra illumination.

But…  The one drawback to this mascara is that it doesn’t do much for eyelash fullness.  I blame the brush.  I like fat/fluffy brushes because I think they do better at improving the volume of your lashes.

So…  I use this mascara as a base coat, because it covers the lashes so well.  Then I follow up with one of my favorite mascaras for fullness.

Available at:  Sephora, Ulta, Costco (maybe) 

Price: $25 (unless you can get it at Costco!!!)

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