Top 10 Beauty Mistakes I’ve Made

10.  Wearing the wrong color foundation.  I partially blame this on my face’s inability to tan (probably because everything I put on it has SPF, while the rest of me sometimes gets none).  It’s really hard to reconcile yourself to the fact that your face may actually be 4 shades lighter than your arms.  (Hello, Bridgett, they make sunless tanning lotion!)

9. Trying a cheaper version of something I already know I like.  Just because the off-brand has pretty packaging doesn’t mean it’s just as good.  Those cute little makeup palettes they like to sell around the holidays are sometimes just cheaper versions that even the premium brands will put their name on. (“Made in China” by a brand usually “Made in Germany/Italy/Other European Nation” should be a clue…)

8.  Too-red hair color.  In winter – when I’m already uber-pale.

7.  Spray tanning with the “bronzer boost”.  It seems like a good idea – only a couple dollars extra for more obvious results faster than you’d get them normally.  Except that when the rest of the spray tan really starts to take effect, it makes you look orange-ish.

6.  Ordering foundation (I’ve never tried) online.  If an eyeshadow color isn’t exactly true to what it looks like online, it’s not a big deal.  When the foundation is 5 shades different, it’s just plain un-useable.

5.  Mousse Foundation.  I have oily skin.  Oily skin + mousse foundation = more oily skin with bad-looking foundation.

4.  “Plumping” Lip Gloss.  Oooh, it tastes like cinnamon.  Ohhhh, it makes my lips look all jagged and irritated.

3.  Borrowing my roommate’s hairspray.  I was 19 and honestly didn’t know what “oil sheen” hairspray was.  At that age, I had no clue that your hair care products were based on your ethnicity.  Since I was also running late to work, I had to go with oil sheen-ed hair.

2. Plucking my eyebrows. To death. Now I have to draw them on. Because I’m a perfectionist, this means I spend more time doing my eyebrows than most people do on all their makeup procedures.

1.  Not wearing base coat under my nail polish.  This is listed as #1 because I still do it.  I’m a sucker for “fast dry” nail polish.  Do you really expect me to add an extra step if I’m not willing to wait 10 minutes for my nails to dry?  (File this under “Beauty Confession”)  I use base coat on the rare occasion that I’m willing to dedicate more than 10 minutes to my manicure, which isn’t often.

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  1. I’m so guilty of not using a base coat! I fact, I had to go get a real manicure this week b/c my nails were so yellowed from lack of proper care. Time is a huge issue for me, thus the reason I love OPI’s Shatter polishes. One coat of colored polish for a “base”, a shatter coat which dries FAST, one top coat for shine and done. Still three coats but it dries fast and imprfections are hidden by the shatter.

    Any tips for sun spots? I use moisturizer with spf but each year the spots on my cheek bones get darker/multiply. I’m using Mission Skincare this year and hopefully it will get me thru summer lake/boating/triathalon/running season a bit better.

    • I think retinol is supposed to help spots. I have acne scars/spots. I’m going to my primary care provider on Monday to get a dermatology consult. I’ll ask the dermatologist when I get to one.

      • Okay, I’ll wait to find out what you hear. They have faded since summer but I can’t even imagine how bad they will be once the sun peaks back out.

    • Argan oil and I think vitamin E oil are also supposed to help. There are lots of products that promise to help and I honestly don’t know which ones do, which is part of the reason I’m seeing the dermatologist.


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