Thumbs-Down: H20+ Water-Activated Eye Makeup Remover

I think this product may have been discontinued (It’s still available on but I’m going to review it in case you ever see it and are tempted to buy it…

Background:  I’m in the habit of checking clearance aisles and discount stores like TJ Maxx for premium brands at bargain prices.  I was running out of eye makeup remover anyway, so I picked this one up.  I have some H20+ face moisturizer that I like, so I thought this would be good, too.

The Hook:   I was thrilled that it was available at such a great price ($4.99 at TJ Maxx, usually about $10).  Plus it’s oil-free AND made in USA.

The Let-Down:  I don’t know if maybe I’m just lazy, but it turns out I don’t like adding water to things to make them work right.  I never know how much water to add and it tends to get messy when I do. (I guess I’m clumsy AND lazy!)  In the case of this product, adding water just makes it more watery.  It works OK un-diluted, but whether you add water or not, it just doesn’t work as well as most eye makeup removers – even the cheap ones.

In Summary:  A good deal is only a good deal if the product is a good product.  I’m keeping this around in case my duaghter or I ever run out of eye makeup remover, but I’ll probably just end up throwing it away when I do my next bathroom cabinet purge.

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  1. Jen Clymer

     /  February 7, 2012

    I’m lazy too, maybe even more so since I only by make-up remover if it already comes on a wipe.

    • Jen Clymer

       /  February 7, 2012


    • There are some great makeup remover wipes out there. I sometimes “cheat” and use them too, especially if I’m only wearing mineral makeup. I really like Visine’s “Total Eye Soothing Wipes”. They’re a little pricey, but you can get them with coupons or Walgreens/CVS promotions. I cut them in half and use one side of each half per eye. (Trying to be eco/budget-friendly!)

  2. Good to know. I always appreciate your reviews. I consider you to be the “expert” in the beauty dpt and am frequently tempted to ask you about things but normally don’t b/c I’m sure you have better things to do than talk about every random product that I come across. :o)

    • Actually, Amanda, I DON’T have better things to do. Even if I did, I’d always find time to help out my fellow beauty-product-shop-aholics. 🙂


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